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Get ready to redefine your workout with RE24 brought to you by Red Effect Infrared Fitness, Say hello to 24/7 access, quick format, result-driven classes and various fitness concepts, all inside our innovative full-spectrum infrared saunas. Our virtual instructors provide personalized guidance so you can pull back or set PRs at a fraction of personal training costs. Yoga, cycling, rowing and more – we've everything to keep you engaged and excited. With classes ranging from quick 10-minute sessions to satisfying 30-minute workouts, fitting fitness into your day has never been easier. And guess what? You also get access to our functional training area with traditional gym equipment.

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Get more out of your workout. Soak up full-spectrum infrared therapy and reap the benefits like detoxification, faster muscle recovery, boosted immune response and more.

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Timing is on your side at RE24. With over 100 class times offered daily and a functional training room, there is always a way to break a sweat.

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Multiple Concepts

Multiple Concepts

RE24 offers multiple training concepts, including infrared powered Cycling, Barre/Yoga, Strength Training, Rowing and more.

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Workout Statistics

Workout Statistics

In each infrared fitness session, you have the ability to monitor your workout stats like heart rate, calories burned and more. Use this data to hack your workouts and see results fast.

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Each workout is scientifically created and led by our elite virtual trainers. Experience top-notch quality training in each and every session.

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Discover a world of fitness possibilities with RE24's diverse training concepts, ensuring each visit is a fresh adventure. With an extensive array of workout options, you'll stay engaged continually challenged, and witness your body's transformation as results keep coming.

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Our cycling classes blend intense cardio with inspiring music for a dynamic workout experience. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, join us for a ride that pushes your limits and transforms your body inside our infrared saunas.

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Water Rowing

Row your way through a low-impact, total body workout. Bask in the rejuvenating benefits of infrared therapy, build your strength, and test your cardio for an unmatched workout and recovery combo.

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Yoga, Pilates &
Strength Training

Elevate your practice in our infrared sauna studio, where yoga, Pilates, and strength training unite for a transformative and revitalizing fitness experience. Harness the power of infrared therapy while you sculpt, tone, and find inner balance in this uniquely immersive setting.

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Stretching & Meditation

Recharge your body and mind in our dedicated space for stretching and meditation classes, designed for both fitness recovery and mental well-being. Experience the harmony of physical and mental health as you soothe your muscles, clear your mind, and find inner balance.

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We’re bringing boxing to RE24 classes soon! Stay tuned for more information

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Traditional Studios

Check out our traditional studios in Oakbrook Terrace and Woodhaven.  specializing in 60-minute Interval Training classes led by an in-person instructor.

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Get More with RE24

At RE24 you can do more than just book a class. Enhance your routine with private relaxation sauna sessions or upgrade with personal training sessions.

Relaxation Saunas

Relax and rejuvenate with a traditional sauna session. Experience the soothing warmth, detoxify, and let your worries melt away.

First 100 Members Only
One-Time $99.95 Enrollment Fee
$39.95 Bi-Weekly
3 Month Commitment


Experience the best of both worlds in our Functional Training Room, where you'll find a traditional gym setup complete with treadmills, stair masters, synergy machines, free weights, terra core trainers, and more.

One-Time $119.95 Enrollment Fee
$59.95 Bi-Weekly
6 Month Commitment

Personal Training

Upgrade your membership with customized fitness routines and a detailed focus on form. We will have you crushing your goals in no time!

Visit our traditional studios for more pricing information.
Woodhaven, MI
Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Huntington Beach, CA

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"I was COMPLETELY skeptical at first. I don't enjoy cardio – no way I could do the treadmill for 30 minutes, I thought. Then I took my first interval class and I have to say I was hooked. Burning that many calories in one session was unbelievable. I loved the way I felt after – I swear the Infrared is like a facial every time I work out – and the trainers are unparalleled."

Sara S.

"The trainers are quite friendly, and they do a great job motivating their clients. If it is your first time visiting the studio, I would recommend getting to the studio early to understand the class format. Don't forget to bring plenty of water and get ready to sweat! Finally, just want to add that Red Effect is one of the cleanest and well-kept fitness studios that I have visited."

Kassandra C.

"If you're sick of your gym like I was and tired of the same old boring robotic workouts with trainers who don't really show any interest of you, come check out RE. It's made such a difference for my overall health and I'm in it for the long run."

Mike G.

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An athletic woman posing to show her muscle definition