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Benefits of the Infrared Sauna

We provide instructor-led, group fitness workouts that combine the health benefits of infrared therapy and the science of high intensity interval training.

Relax on Another Level with Personal Infrared Saunas in Allen Park, MI

Treadmills, water rowers, weights: at Red Effect Allen Park, you’ll find everything you need to move, get active, and stay in shape. With our group-oriented classes and thorough exercise programs, you’ll burn calories and build muscle. When you’re done working hard, power down and recharge in our personal infrared saunas in Allen Park, MI. Our state-of-the-art fitness center gives you the chance to make progress and relax on your terms.

Our studio was designed so you can enjoy the benefits of infrared therapy. These lights stimulate the body, promoting blood circulation while reducing the effects of muscle strain. Infrared rays also increase the body’s metabolic rate and develop a good sweat, which allows visitors to burn more calories while expelling harmful toxins. We have infrared panels installed throughout the exercise floors and the saunas, so every move you make here is meaningful.

Workout Classes for All Skill Levels

If you want to get in shape and build strength, we’re your fitness studio. We welcome visitors of all skill levels to our group-oriented workout classes. You’ll get fit alongside our trained and seasoned fitness experts, and you get to track all of our workout statistics in real-time. You’ll move as a group, motivating one another to reach your goals.

Since you still exercise at your pace, you’ll stay in control of your workout. It’s the perfect setting for getting active. From HIIT classes to treadmills, there’s never a dull moment at our fitness center. You will benefit from the challenges added to your routine by participating in our instructor-led high-intensity interval training.

High-Intensity interval training staves off boredom and motivates you to stick to your goals. We always believe in keeping things new and fresh. Each time you attend a group session, you can expect something different and exciting. With new challenges and opportunities waiting for you at each session, you’ll get motivated to do more.

Personalize Your Sauna Experience

After a high-energy session on the exercise floor, it is always a good idea to de-stress and relax at the infrared sauna. Our saunas are entirely private and put you in control of your experience. During your 40-minute session, you can customize the lighting, temperature, and also play music. Our saunas also utilize infrared technology by promoting faster muscle recovery, alleviating joint pain, and relaxation. Best of all, your body is still burning calories while you’re recharging.

It’s time to take your fitness membership further. We invite you to attend one of our First-Timer Sessions, where you get to tour our fitness studio and participate in a trial class.

Contact us and sign up for one of our exciting fitness classes. We proudly service customers in the Allen Park, MI area.

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