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Optimize Your Workout with Interval Training in Woodhaven, MI

It’s time to get more from your exercise routine. At Red Effect Woodhaven, we bring the latest technology and research to build a better you. Our fitness center offers intense interval training in Woodhaven, MI, that empowers you to move, sweat, and get in shape. When you visit our location, you will find everything you need to get active--all while taking advantage of the latest advances in exercise science.

How do we do it? It all begins with infrared therapy. Studies have shown that infrared light has many benefits for the human body. It assists in blood circulation, alleviates muscle tension, and speeds up the body’s ability to recover from physical activity. Also, it encourages perspiration which expels harmful toxins. Our fitness studio has infrared panels throughout the exercise floors and the saunas, which allows you to soak in the light’s amazing effects. Here, every move matters--allowing you to burn calories, lose weight, and stay in shape.

Total Body Workouts in a Group Setting

At our fitness studio, we know that everyone has the power to do better. That’s why we offer HIIT classes as a group. Also called High-Intensity Interval Training, this group of exercises and movements utilizes weights, treadmills, and other exercise equipment to create a total body fitness routine. One of the distinctive characteristics of HIIT is that it charges up your body’s metabolic rate, which stimulates the body to burn more calories--even while you’re at rest. You will feel more energized and ready to overcome anything.

Challenge yourself and encourage others along the way: we’re with you at each step. Our workout classes are split up into 60-minute sessions, each led by a trained and certified fitness instructor. You’ll learn the motions and track your statistics in real-time, empowering you to make progress and exceed your goals.

Best of all, our courses are structured to accommodate participants of all skill levels. You set the pace while moving as a group. We rotate our classes frequently so that you can take advantage of the variety and exciting challenges.

Recharge at the Infrared Sauna

Recover and relax in our personal, infrared saunas. The sauna center includes private booths, where you can customize your power-down session. Each session lasts 40-minutes, and you have total control over the temperature, lights, and sound. Infrared light speeds up recovery from your exercises and promotes relaxation. By the time you leave our gym, you are ready to tackle the rest of your day.

We can’t wait to help you reach your fitness goals. Sign up for one of our First-Timer sessions, where you can meet our crew, tour the facility, and experience exercise with infrared therapy firsthand.

Contact us to reserve your spot in our HIIT courses. We proudly serve the Woodhaven, MI, area.

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